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The truffle Story

In November ’17, I found myself without a job!

With 20 years’ experience of developing new product ranges in Beauty, Lifestyle & Food, working with many of the UK’s high street retailers and ‘Lifestyle’ brands… what should I do next??
As Christmas drew near I wanted a new large table cloth and napkins. I couldn’t find anything suitable on the high street, that was either large enough or of good enough quality. The seed was sown and I spent the holidays mulling over ideas and eureka, I hatched the plan for truffle!

January came and I headed off to Paris in search of beautiful continental table linens and lovely things for the table, both formal and informal.

I hope you like the results?

truffle will primarily be an on-line boutique of gorgeous artisan table linens and dining accessories, which I will run from home, in the depths of Dartmoor.

However, you will be able to come and say hello and view my wares at a variety of events and Charity Fairs throughout the year. I will post venues and dates on Instagram and on my website.

The name truffle holds various meanings: firstly the prized fungus, which is the rarest and most valuable culinary ingredient, a delicious chocolate confection and also the name of my naughty Lakeland Terrier!

Happy shopping!

Stella x

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